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Being a Heretic

Developing the characteristics that make us so spectacular as a people that no animal in history can compare so take ever chance to win no matter the costs or you will never actually live the days the way you want. Back in the day this also happened, and people were branded with the term Heresy, […]


Have you ever heard someone say they rather die when doing something? This is because they have decided that they will not let anything else happen but the thing they want. Sometimes it’s just words, but honestly, when you take those words thought it does something amazing for you! You will try 100 different ways […]


What is the reason or excuse that has held us back? We have all said or accepted that something has happened to us. Most that we use that as the main reason why they didn’t get a particular result in their life. We are all going to face setbacks; that’s just how life works. If […]


Everything we do on this planet is temporary. We will live, and we will die. The question is how much did we do and what did w contribute to the planet earth? Pain is temporary is the greatest statement ever said, because it is true. When you break your arm or foot and what happens? […]