What is the reason or excuse that has held us back? We have all said or accepted that something has happened to us. Most that we use that as the main reason why they didn’t get a particular result in their life. We are all going to face setbacks; that’s just how life works. If you don’t think it will happen to you, then you will be in shock when it does. Accept now that life doesn’t go on without good and bad happening. Hope for the best and pray for the best, but be ready to handle how things go if it what you expected. Look deep into yourself and recognize that anything you say has power, and if you let negative phrases or statements come out of your mouth enough, they will become your reality. I can not believe how many of us subconsciously say things without even thinking about the effects it has on our existence. It is alarming, and it is time to change all of this today! What are the kinds of things we said when we didn’t reach that goal we were planning to hit? We say that we didn’t have enough money or resources, people, time, didn’t know enough. We say all kinds of things that hurt our chances of success. Don’t you see that? We cannot just lay down when problems arise. We must be the master of our world and the choose our circumstances in the best of what we have. Stop making excuses and letting that define you. It’s about adjusting to what happens and moving forward. Life is not about moving in a straight line forward. Life is about going forward and hitting that brick wall and making the necessary side step to get past it. It may even be that you might have to go backward and look at what steps you took and recreated the line to a better path of success for you. If it ultimately gets you to where you need to be then, you will do anything it takes to correct the mishaps. These adjustments and strides in the right direction make all the difference in your life. People will look at you like your amazing, but at the end of the day, you will know all the things it took in the background to get up there. You will smile to yourself and say thank god I was able to survive the worst of it to get the legacy and glory I wanted. You will motivate others to find the will within to attack the world in grind mode. Man, if you are reading this I know you are a motivated person and believe that you are worth more. Why else would you be reading my blog right? If you get anything from this and can push it forward to others, then you have done the world a service. Thank you so much for being on board with me and spread the message of determination and discipline.

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