Have you ever heard someone say they rather die when doing something? This is because they have decided that they will not let anything else happen but the thing they want. Sometimes it’s just words, but honestly, when you take those words thought it does something amazing for you! You will try 100 different ways to find the solution and pathway that will carry you there. Did you know that Thomas Edison had to try 1000+ times to get the first filament to ignite that first light bulb? He has that exact mentality about rather dying. He has mastering failing and doesn’t get deterred because something didn’t work out. When would people ask him how he could fail so much and keep going? He answered, well I didn’t fail I just found 1000+ ways not to make a lightbulb! If you really think about it, we need these kinds of people to be born. http://www.cellphonerepairsolutions.com

If they were never born, how would we have inventions like the airplane, the radio, the internet, trains, satellites, and so much more? I’m sure someone else would have figured this out and got to it, but I think we would be behind as a species because they were meant to be here to contribute those things and then sign out! Isn’t that beautiful? You are born here and meant to leave behind something you did. Doesn’t matter how big or small it is, but just leave something. We have been sidetracked to working for companies that kill our souls and put us in cubicles. Put us in offices for the outlines of someone else’s dreams! I think society should have been built on people trading items and working together to build our society to places that will not happen with the path we have chosen. I get that making people work every day and making the motivation money for maintaining a life you must have. I get all that, but I wish we could get money for just creating and being visually enhanced. We do have great inventions, and there will be greater ones that come, but not every single person with a creative ability is helping this process. This is due to having to the hustle and bustle our lives for a paycheck to paycheck.

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