Everything we do on this planet is temporary. We will live, and we will die. The question is how much did we do and what did w contribute to the planet earth? Pain is temporary is the greatest statement ever said, because it is true. When you break your arm or foot and what happens? It heals, and you get back on the horse and get back to it. At the moment, something horrific happens you want to curl up and die. Everyone has that same reaction at first, but how do some of us barrel through it and some become consumed? It all has to do with the train of thought we have. We can not let negative or lower vibrations bring us down on the life we were given. No matter how bad it may seem right now, there is a better tomorrow. Sometimes when people die, we don’t know why it happens. I believe that they will be brought to a better place if they were deserving of that. If you learn how to accept all conditions in life and death, you will be a master of the universe you see before you. I speak deeply on many topics, but it is what helps me understand the way we can be, have, and feel the best on this planet. You see, people will keep speaking about their hard comings and how they got screwed over or wasn\t treated fairly, but this is life. Nothing will come easy that you want. You have to look at all your shortcomings and say okay, so that happened, but it OVER! The key word is that it is over. What that means is that you can go to the next stepping stone in life and get on with the plan. We are not super humans we are what we make of our minds. I will tell you now that whatever you will have pop up in your life, you will handle it. It will not be easy, but you will make it if you have the mindset where you will never stop and never buckle. You will feel that you can’t go further, but those are the points where you grow. The common physics of the world apply to a human being and getting to any achievements. If you train your brain to accept these problems and look at it as another thing to get past. Live strong and free of all limitations and circumstances that hold you down./ People that hold you down and environments that don’t allow you to grow. Be the lion in the wild instead of the dead bark on a tree. Weird contrast, but you get the gist of it. It’s time to step up and never left your past to define your future. Feel it in your heart that is a responsibility to get past it. Survive and if you are reading this right now then understand you are a survivor.

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