Many of us find ourselves lost in the everyday hustle and bustle that is our lives am I right? We become so preoccupied with things that aren’t going to get us what we truly want, and this runs our very existence.We lose what is important and minuscule in the great scheme of things. Our priorities fall short, and we don’t see where we are going anymore. People can suffer from this for their whole lives before they notice they did a whole lot of diddly squat in the time they had. You have to understand that your priorities are what you make them. If you want them to be about having fun and hanging with your friends, then that is what they will be. Just like you can put priorities on those things, you can also shift them in the direction of completing your hopes, dreams, and desires. So when you hear people making excuses about not being able to complete that thing they want to do, this is because they haven’t made it a priority in their life yet. If it is something you need to do and it’s on the top of your to-do list, then you will not make excuses, but you will figure out a way to get it done http:/

When something is true and important to you, you will say okay, so that wasn’t good BUT what will I do to fix it? If it weren’t a priority, then you would sit back and let that defeat or setback become an excuse for yourself when people ask you about said task. Let’s be honest about ourselves and be truthful to where we are right now. When I look at myself in the mirror, I know that I am obsessed with getting forward. All I can think about is getting to the next level and the level about that, It is a never ending task for me, because I made a conscious decision that what I want in life is all I will ever focus on. Once I hit that goal, I know I will have bigger and broader dreams for the planet and myself. I am in control of what I do with my day, and it starts every morning never falling off the wagon. To hold on despite of everything and to get up time and time again. Each failure is beating you down, but getting up no matter what. Nothing can resist the will of a man or women who is on autopilot when it comes to getting your life to the next level. It is amazing when you know that deep down you will get to that place, and it makes you more happy than any bad thing that can happen. That is something that resonates with me.